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10 Best Wedding Venues NJ

The most beautiful Wedding Venues in NJ


Are you looking for the best wedding venue in New Jersey?  It will be found in TheArtFactory, a 300,000 sf historic campus of 21 buildings on Interstate 80 in North Jersey, 12 miles from NYC. There’s the perfect wedding venue here for everyone, from rustic and outdoor to spacious factory lofts!  Art Factory creates your theme for a truly unique wedding venue customized for your wedding! 


Rustic Wedding Venues in New Jersey

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1. Hamilton Wedding Venue NJ

Art Factory's Hamilton wedding venue with its huge farm-style tables, custom photo backdrops and rustic charm is a guest-pleaser! 45 to 200 guests can dine and dance on the 1860 hardwood floors surrounded by huge operable original factory windows. Art Factory takes rustic to a different level - so much better than a barn, you are not taking on a project here!  Art Factory's team of planners and creatives takes YOUR vision and creates YOUR wedding like they build movie sets for Disney, Universal, HBO, Netflix . . .  


2. Jute Wedding Venue New Jersey

Art Factory's Jute wedding venue is attached to their Hamilton wedding venue, and is perfect for your ceremony and/or cocktails. Have a champagne wall greet your guests before they are seated in an arc or a spiral around your elevated birch-tree alter, watching in amazement as you emerge from a nondescript freight elevator to walk-down your lantern-adorned aisle!  Then straight into cocktails with Art Factory made rustic bars, cocktail tables, lounge furniture, and repurposed whisky barrels all under strings of Edison bulbs and surrounded by candles, of course!  

Outdoor / Indoor Wedding Venues in New Jersey

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3. International Wedding Venue NJ

A private park attached to a third-floor loft!  That's right!  The Art Factory was built into the side of a mountain, so the International Wedding Venue boasts the best of both worlds.  Imagine an outdoor ceremony with vineyard chairs under Edison lights hung from the trees followed by cocktails on a wood deck with a cigar roller and whisky bar.  Then indoors for your dinner and dancing in a huge original 1860 factory loft - and strolling back outside for some fresh air and the fire-pits for the after party 'till 5AM!  Yes, Art Factory never closes, so you can party 'till morning!  

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4. EpicPrime Wedding Venue NJ

Art Factory's EpicPrime wedding venue is checking all the boxes!  It's named EpicPrime for a reason!  2 outdoor areas including an extremely unique cobblestoned European Courtyard for ceremony, cocktails and after party (food trucks anyone?) and an interior New-Orleans style courtyard for cocktails with a garden and koi pond; 2 inner ceremony/cocktail areas with a connecting see-through chef's kitchen; and the Epic reception area with iron bookshelves, 1840-style lanterns and all-night access to the inner courtyard.  The best wedding venue in NJ offers it all!  37,000 sf of awesomeness. 

Gala Wedding Venues in New Jersey


5. Hemp Wedding Venue New Jersey

There is simply nothing like Art Factory's Hemp Wedding Venue.  18,000 sf with 1880 hardwood floors, 23' high loft ceilings and the largest alter/chuppah in NJ, and under a skylight no less! Couples have described this wedding venue as like getting married at the Met Gala.  So awesome it is nicknamed the "Wow Venue" because that's what all guests say when the huge freight elevator door opens into the grand wedding venue with some of the largest factory windows in NJ and uplighting with fabrics, movie-style props, photo vignettes and lounge/bar areas.  

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6. Linen Wedding Venue NJ

Art Factory's Linen wedding venue is attached to the Hemp wedding venue by bridge, 4 stories up!  Have hour aisle under the factory-made Harry-Pottyer inspired huge Edison chandeliers, or have cocktails or dinner/dancing.  However you decide to make your wedding more glamorous, Art Factory's wedding planning team and decor specialists deliver the "wow factor" and ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. Each wedding package features elegant wedding suites where the couple and their parties can get ready and prepare for an amazing day.

Loft Wedding Venues in NJ

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7. Loft wedding venues at the Art Factory

When it comes to wedding venues, none are as city chic as Art Factory's urban lofts! Lofts are popular venues for having weddings: they are great for those who love urban looks and décor, industrial style and of course authentic exposed brick walls. Art Factory's loft wedding venues feature huge original factory windows boasting plentiful natural light and fantastic city views.  Art Factory's loft wedding venues are a photographer's dream - the perfect venue for wedding photos.  With 300,000 sf of historic factory loft space your wedding photos will be seriously unbelievable. 

Movie Wedding Venues in NJ


8. Movie Wedding Venue New Jersey

How about having your ceremony in the same venue (unaltered and original) that Steven Spielberg designed for his boxing-gym set as seen in the West Side Story? Or where the entire season of Chopped was produced and shot?  Dr. Strange? Impractical Joker sets? Yup! Art Factory is known as Hollywood East. You will be having your wedding in the same venues used by countless production companies for their biggest movies music videos and campaigns from Disney, Universal, Amazon, Netflix, Paramount, HBO, ESPN and more featuring The Irishman, Kardashians,
Bon Jovi, DJ Khalid, 30-for-30, French Montana, Fat Joe, and Alice N Chains, Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, Nike, Everlast, Timberland, Harley Davidson . . .
Art Factory wedding venues are designed and customized for each couple like their personal movie set.

Intimate Wedding Venues in NJ

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9. Empire Wedding Venue NJ

Art Factory's Intimate wedding venue with high ceilings and artistic vibes presents the perfect canvas for an intimate wedding of up to 40 people. Intimate groups can also experience the Art Factory wedding venues!

Affordable Wedding Venues in NJ

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10. Mercado Wedding Venue NJ

Art Factory wedding venues are described as New York weddings at New Jersey prices!  A particularly affordable option is Art Factory's Mercado wedding venue which is bursting with cool factor.  The wedding venue is surrounded by airy shops built with found materials and decorated with period machinery dating to the 19th century!  Pair with the Hamilton Mercado Kitchen for an all-inclusive amazing culinary Experience!

Steve Herskovitz
Our group of four ate mid-afternoon lunch at the chef's table at Hamilton Mercado, then toured the Art Factory studios and event venues. Wow! The food at Hamilton Mercado was delicious, and the chef's table experience was terrific. The chefs gave us descriptions of each unique item, plus stories about the history of the place. Afterwards, we toured many of the event spaces in this sprawling multiple-building venue that had once been a textile mill at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Ruggedly beautiful and interesting. For those who need a break from the crush of NYC, I recommend a cultural excursion to the Art Factory!